Friday, May 16, 2008

Introduction (a spare)

This is the official blog of the Keanu SWAT Team, which will hopefully see a substantial amount of content in future. Most of us hail from the Keanu Reeves boards on the Internet Movie Database, which a particularly insightful person once declared the coolest and funnest male celeb board on IMDb.

Our headquarters - the website 'Whoa is (Not) Me: Defending Keanu Reeves' - was created in January 2008, and is located at

You want to click on that link. *waves hands in Jedi mind trick*

We started this blog after people complained about lack of content on the website.

And- whoa, it's 1 am in the morning. Bogus. Guess I'll go off now and get to bed. Catcha later, dudes!


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